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The Secret


Black Metal, Grindcore


2003, Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Současný label:

Southern Lord Records


Marco Coslovich - Vocals
Michael Bertoldini - Guitar
Enrico Uliana - Bass
Tommaso Corte - Drums


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The Secret





From the conclusion of From the Dying Sky, The Secret was born in Trieste, Italy in 2003. Their sound "combines elements of hardcore, noise, metal, and post rock to create a dark, heavy yet dynamic sound topped by the noir and cryptic atmospheres of the lyrics." The Secret's music is a "complex and intense stream of consciousness which drives the listener through unexpected soundscapes." There are "polyrhythmic breakdowns, dark atmospheric passages, and heavy mosh parts ... blended with surgical precision." The Secret is Marco Coslovich, Michael Bertoldini, Federico Lodolo and Christian Musich. All quotations extracted from artist's biography at

2. The Secret formed in 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
The Waiting E.P. was released in 1994 for Lo-Z Records.
Any other bands using the name The Secret; sorry. The name The Secret is Published & copyrighted in September 1993 issue #666 of Rolling Stone Magazine.

3. The Secret are best remembered for their live PA's at the legendary trance night Escape From Samsara at the Brixton Fridge in London where they played regularly on rotation with other acts such as Cybernaut and Lab 4 in the mid/late 90's. These sets typically featured the trio leaping around like loonies on stage behind their equipment while knocking out a fantastic array of energetic uplifting hard trance tunes, notably the anthemic 'Tribe'.

4. The Secret, later known as Von Guarde, were an indie rock band from Bowling Green, KY that were active from 2003-2008. They recorded a demo EP which can be found on their official MySpace page, where it has been for 2+ years. They became local "legends" while still in high school. They notably performed at the annual SXSW festival. Their music is out of print and not available anywhere. The only copies of their recordings were handed out and sold at shows and to friends and relatives. However, 4 songs are still available for streaming online.

*also "the secret" was a band from the the late 70's that put out an album on A&M canada. i cant find any info on them online though. i just have there vinyl.
if anyone can find any info on them that would be awesome.

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