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death metal


1994, Brisbane, Queensland

Současný label:

Profound Lore Records


The Curator - Vocals
Horror Illogium - Lead Guitar
Aphotic - Rhythm Guitar
Omenous Fugue - Bass (Impetuous Ritual)
Ignis Fatuus - Drums (Impetuous Ritual)


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There is more than one artist with this name:

1. A technical/experimental death metal band from Australia.
2. An independent progressive rock band from Edmonton, Canada.
3. An atmospheric prog-metal band created by members of Cynic, from Miami, USA.
4. A dreampop/electronic/ambient band based in Staffordshire, UK.
5. A hardcore breaks/nu rave act from London, UK.
6. An electronic/ambient artist from California, USA.
7. An Egyptian/British rock band based in Cairo, Egypt.
8. Mistag of the soundtrack to the video-game from Valve Corporation. See below

Extended Biographies:

1. Portal (Brisbane, Australia) - Blackened Experimental Suffocating Death Metal.. Obscure and heavily influenced by horror atmosphere, with each recording project striving for new ugly, creepy soundscapes and heaviness, with a range of tempo experimentation.Describing the band's style, Decibel magazine said: "If Morbid Angel and Gorguts had birthed a German Expressionist child, that unholy creature would be Portal.The band cites as inspiration for its lyrical themes the entities mentioned in Lovecraft Mythos, such as Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, and Cthulhu.

Band Members:
The Curator - Vocals
Horror Illogium - Guitar
Aphotic Mote - Guitar
Ignis Fatuus - Drums

Portal (demo) tape (1998)
The Endmills (demo) CD (2002)
Seepia CD/LP (2003)
The Sweyy EP (2004) (split with Rites of thy Degringolade). An earlier CD version had two live tracks.
Seepia (digipac re-issue via Profound Lore Records) (2005)
Lurker at the Threshold (demo) tape (2006)
The Endmills (demo) on 7" vinyl via Dissident Records (2006)
Outre' CD (Digipac CD - Profound Lore) & LP (OR Records) (2007)
Seepia & Outre' (Jewel Case edition re-issue via Osmose Productions)
aka Ordo Decimus Peccatum (2008)
Portal demo from 1998 (7" vinyl via Dissident Records) (2009)
Swarth (Digipac CD - Profound Lore) (2009)

2. Portal (Canada) - Independent progressive rock band from Edmonton, Canada

Band Members:
Kenton Thomas - vocals, guitar
Steve Frise - guitar
Kevin Hoskin - Bass
Bill George - Drums

A Taste Of Things To Come (2001)
The Vast Expanse Diminishing (2003)
Element (2005)
Blood Red Tape (2008)

"Portal is a propulsive amalgam of powerfully packaged grooves, insightful lyrics, and moralistic ideals. Intelligent by design and intellectual by nature.
The band actively challenges listeners and members alike to demand more from music, more from society, and more from life itself.
Portal deftly combines the progressive rhythmic complexity of Tool or Porcupine Tree, the richly textured orchestration of VAST, the intricate production of Filter, and the raw emotive pull of Nine Inch Nails into a brilliant array of insightfully stimulating music, incorporating a rich tapestry of global instrumentation and a socially conscious lyrical motivation, into a truly unique sonic and psychosomatic experience."

Edmonton’s Portal take a different tack in making music. Their studio is as likely to be dominated by computer towers and monitors as it is by amplifier stacks. Rosco Brooks, Kevin Hoskin, Kenton Thomas and Bill George strive for the art of creation above all other virtues on Blood Red Tape, which manages to make one of the finer melds of organic and electronic music we’ve heard this year.

Portal brings techno rock into the light of day with the exciting and musically challenging Blood Red Tape. The disc is highly commercial in sound and broad enough in scope to appeal to fans from outside the commercial marketing cone. Northern Canada continues to be a consistent breeding ground for original and distinctly alternative takes on popular music. Blood Red Tape is a must-hear.

3. Portal (USA) - An atmospheric prog-metal band created by members of Cynic, from Miami, USA. They only released a demo in 1995 and disbanded in 1996. In 2004 Roadrunner Records released a remastered version of Focus, which contained the original eight tracks and six bonus tracks. Three of those six bonus tracks were songs taken Portal's eponymous demo.

The entire demo can be downloaded from Chris Kringel's (Portal's bass player) web site. Go to the Music page, and scroll about half way down to the Other section.

4. Portal (UK) - Dreampop/electronic/ambient band, based in Staffordshire, UK.

Band Members:
Scott Sinfield - Guitars, bass, sampler, synth, programming and vocals
Rachel Hughes - Vocals
Jon Attwood - Guitars and bass
Glen Johnson - Vocals, programming
Ben Holton - Vocals and guitar
Lorraine Lelis - Vocals
Angèle David-Guillou - Vocals

Between 1996 and 2009, Portal released a series of singles and albums on a variety of labels in the UK, USA and Europe, most notably Make Mine Music, the co-operative independent label founded by Portal main man Scott Sinfield. Portal's music won early support from legendary DJ John Peel, for whom a BBC Radio 1 session was recorded in the summer of 2000, and received acclaim from the likes of The Guardian newspaper, NME and DJ Magazine. Portal's recordings and live performances featured a number of additional musicians and vocalists over the years, including singer Rachel Hughes, who sang on all five of Portal's albums, Jon Attwood of Yellow6, Glen Johnson of Piano Magic, Ben Holton of Epic45, Lorraine Lelis (ex-Mahogany) and Angele David-Guillou of Klima. In 2009, Scott placed Portal on hold, in order to focus on the day-to-day running of Make Mine Music and to undertake other projects.

Selected Discography:
Gone But Not Forgiven, Make Mine Music CD (2006)
Prehistory, Make Mine Music CD (2006)
Waves & Echoes, Make Mine Music CD (2005)
Music for Broadcast, Make Mine Music CD (2004)
Promise, Make Mine Music CD (2003)
Split, Make Mine Music CD mini-album, with Yellow6 (2001)
Tristesse, Alice-in-Wonder CD (2001)
Remixes, Roisin Recordings CD (2001)
Reprise, Roisin Recordings CD (2000)
Prehistory, self-released cassette album (1999)

All of Portal's albums are also available as digital downloads from

Options, Make Mine Music CD (2009)
Quartet, Tricycle-Evolutif 3” CD (2004)
EP, Make Mine Music CD with Schengen (2003)
Closer/Red Over Blue, Earworm 7” with V/Vm (2001)
Falling, Roisin Recordings 7” (2001)
Naming Stars, Awkward Silence 7” with Yellow6 (2000)
Series 1, Awkward Silence 7” with Yellow6 (2000)
July / Lost, Roisin Recordings 7” (1999)
Hydro-electric, Earworm 7” with Fridge (1998)

5. Portal (UK) - A hardcore breaks/nu rave act from London, UK. and

6. Porta (USA) - An ambient-electronic band from California, USA.

7. Portal (Egypt) - An Egyptian/British rock band based in Cairo.

8. Please tag the song "Still Alive" from the video game as Jonathan Coulton (the composer) or Ellen Mclain (the singer). The remainder of the Portal tracks are credited to Kelly Bailey.

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