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Super Champon

OTOBOKE BEAVER - Super Champon

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I am not maternal (アイドンビリーブマイ母性) 02:04
YAKITORI (ヤキトリ) 01:44
I won't dish out salads (サラダ取り分けませんことよ) 01:22
PARDON? (パードゥン?) 01:45
Nabe party with pocket brothers (穴兄弟で鍋パーティー) 01:12
Leave me alone! No, stay with me! (リーブミーアローンやっぱさっきのなしでステイウィズミ) 01:41
I checked your cellphone (携帯みてしまいました) 01:32
I put my love to you in a song JASRAC (あなたとの恋、歌にしてJASRAC) 01:12
Don't call me Mojo (呼ばんといて喪女) 01:38
Where did you buy such a nice watch you are wearing now (あらあんたえらいええ時計してそれどこで買いはったん) 00:26
George & Janice (ジョージ&ジャニス) 00:43
First-class side-guy (一級品の間男) 02:09
You’re no hero shut up f*ck you man-whore (ヤリチン武勇伝ちゃう口を慎め) 00:18
I don't want to die alone (孤独死こわい) 01:55
Dirty old fart is waiting for my reaction (ジジイ is waiting for my reaction) 00:57
Do you want me to send a DM (DM送ってやろうか) 00:11
Do you want me to send a DM part 2 (DM送ってやろうかPart2) 00:12
Let's shopping after show (レッツショッピングアフターショー) 00:16

Datum vydání: 06.květen 2022

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punk, hardcore, rock, Super Champon, Otoboke beaver, alternative, punk rock, hardcore punk, indie rock, post-punk, j-pop