Mankind Woman

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Mankind Woman Sestava
Brant Bjork - drums, guitar, bass, vocals

Armand Secco Sabal
Nick Oliveri

Sean Wheeler - vocals
Bubba Dupree

01. Chocolatize
02. Lazy Wizards
03. Charlie Gin
04. Mankind Woman
05. Pisces
06. Swagger & Sway
07. Somebody
08. Pretty Hairy
09. Brand New Old Times
10. 1968
11. Nation Of Indica

Datum vydání: 14.září 2018

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recording took place in March of 2018 at Zainaland, a creative villa owned by Brant's wife Zaina Alwan, in the California desert town of 29 Palms. The record was recorded and engineered by Yosef Sanborn who also owns and operates Massive FX pedals in Los Angeles. Multiple pedals designed by Yosef were used by Brant and Bubba for this record. Additional tracks were recorded by Bubba Dupree at Brant Bjork's home studio in Venice Beach, California.
cover: Robin Gnista

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Brant Bjork, Kyuss, stoner rock, desert rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, Mankind Woman