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Murcof was founded in early 2001 as a solo project of Fernando Corona in Tijuana, México. Murcof experiments with minimalistic electronic and classical music, exploring how digital precision and acoustic warmth can complement each other. The music is intended to reflect a digitalized way of interacting with the world, with each other and ourselves. It is meant to remind us that the end user will always be human, and that technology is a tool of expression and not an end in itself.

Murcof's music is sparse, minimalist, sample-based electronica. A key element is the complex, and sometimes abstract, glitchy electronic percussion. Corona's recordings are more melodic and traditionally structured than many contemporary electronic musicians, and many recordings feature orchestral strings sampled from recordings of works by modern composers such as Arvo Pärt. Corona uses silence to fill his music with intense emotion. There is also an obvious influence from film music, as can be heard in the use of samples and the dramatic production style, and these elements are also evident in the soundtracks Corona has performed for films such as Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

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