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Absent Light


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Karl Schubach - vocals
Ryan Morgan - guitar
Greg Thomas - guitar
Kyle Johnson - bass
Branden Morgan - drums

"A Glimmer of Hope" - 2:04
"Luminary" - 3:19
"Reborn (An Execution)" - 3:44
"Carrier" - 4:29
"Shadows and Depth" - 5:01
"Lost Relics" - 3:11
"Two Solitudes" - 4:51
"Departure" - 4:13
"The Shallows" - 4:15
"Ursa Minor" - 3:39
"Everything Will Rust" - 4:06

Datum vydání: 23.červenec 2013

Lidi okolo
Produced by Greg Thomas and Ryan Morgan
Mixed by Steve Evetts
Mastered by Alan Douches
Additional Production by Will Putney
Additional Engineering by Eric Rachel, Karl Schubach, Chris Teti, Andrew Glover and Adam Capps
Assisted by Randy Leboeuf and Kris Yates
Preproduction Engineered by Kevin Arndt
Guest vocals on "Carrier" by Matthew Mixon of 7 Angels 7 Plagues
Guest vocals on "Lost Relics" by Todd Mackey of With Honor
Guest vocals on "Everything Will Rust" by Fredua Boakye of Bad Rabbits
Orchestral string movements composed by Greg Thomas and Randy Slaugh
Strings arranged and produced by Randy Slaugh
String sessions engineered by Ken Dudley
Violin: Juliann Eldridge, Emily Dixon
Viola: Kelsey Georgeson
Cello: Sara Cerrato, Samaquias Lorta
Percussion: Rick Morgan
Additional programming: Brian Southall, Dave Swanson
Crew vocals: Kyle Kearney, Daniel Graves, Chris Teti, Blane Christenson, John Perrin, and Brady Murphy

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metalcore, progressive metalcore, Misery Signals