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Angry Nation


Thrash Metal, Death Metal


2015, Wiener Neustadt

Současný label:

Wolfblood Productions


Wolfgang Süssenbeck - vocals
Walter Oberhofer - guitars, keys
Alessandro Vagnoni - drums, bass


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Angry Nation



ANGRY NATION is the brand new project of the Wr. Neustadt based guitarist Walter Oberhofer. Together with Wolfgang Süssenbeck (DARKSIDE, WOLFHEART feat. THE MALAVITA ANTISOCIAL CLUB) and Alessandro Vagnoni (BOLOGNA VIOLENTA, WOLFHEART feat.), this album was brought to life during the last two years. Thematically marked by the events during this period, „The Fail Decade“ offers melodic thrash metal with excursions into the classical and the extreme metal area.

About the person:
Walter Oberhofer, born on February 1, 1967 in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, began his musical career in the band DECEIVER (1985-1987), with which he recorded, amongst other things, the demo „Tales From A Fogotten World“. Other members of this band were Michael Kutter (drums), Michael Burkhard (bass, guitar) and Wolfgang Süssenbeck (vox). The next band, where Walter was hired, was the Enzesfeld / Lindabrunn Formation EXCESS starting in the middle of 1987. Following a short start up, the new outfit DARK SHADOW emerged. Walters colleagues in DARK SHADOW were Peter Böhm (bass), Robert Grögler (drums), Reinhard Boisits (git) and Peter Durst (vocals). After recording some demo and a short hiatus, the band DISGRACE came forth, without any changes in the line-up but initially featuring Peter Durst at the microphone, which was replaced subsequently by Wolfgang Süssenbeck after his departure. This new line-up recorded the demo „The Cats Of Ulthar“, under the musical guidance of Franz Füssl in Wr. Neustadt, they could deliver many performances regionally and in 1990, they even managed to get support slots for bands like WATCHTOWER, CORONER and MEKONG DELTA. DISGRACE also managed to reach the finals of the „Metal Battle“ band contest, which was won by the band RAVENOUS from Gloggnitz in that specific year. In the spring of 1991, Böhm and Grögler left DISGRACE only to eventually join forces with Durst a short time later to form the band DARKSIDE, while Walter, newly empowered with Boisits, Durst and the new members Martin Fenz (drums) and Christopher Handler (bass) put on his next outfit, EPIDEMIC. After Peter Durst quit to fully join DARKSIDE, activities for EPIDEMIC started to slow down and Walter deserted rehearsal room and stage for at least 15 years to devote himself to his family.

Only in the year of 2005, he starts to write songs again. In 2008 he gets involved as a substitute in DARKSIDE for a few shows in Austria and Italy, before undertaking some intensive Jams with MIDGARD UPGRADED for several months. After that it would take until 2014 for Walter to be again dedicated to the songwriting for a project. He contacts Wolfgang „Sü“ Süssenbeck who is to contribute the vocals and starts to record some first structural demos. Recommended by Sü, Walter contacts Alessandro Vagnoni to recruit him as a drummer. It was agreed that Alessandro should also take care of the mix of the album. Sü contributes all lyrics for the songs, song titles are being concretized, the conceptual framework for the album is being staked. Walter and Wolfgang finally opt for the album title „The Fail Decade“.
Another important piece in the mosaic of this project is the „band name“. Influenced by the current political situation, ANGRY NATION is chosen as the project name, representative of many issues that dominate the headlines since last year.
For about the entire year of 2015, Walter is working on the tracks with Alessandro before in February 2016, the vocals are being recorded at Shaark Studio, in Czech Republic. Then the sound is cope timbered in Plaster Recording Studio in Italy under the technical direction of Alessandro and finally mastered and finalized in the studio of Jaroslav Lukac, Negative Tunes.
The cover artwork for „The Fail Decade“ was created by the french artist Kewin Miceli, who has already worked for Cradle Of Filth, Sepultura and Darkside. The samurai on the front cover shows the old values ​​that meet the new influences, with an uncertain outcome for both sides.
On 20 June, ANGRY NATIONS debut album „The Fail Decade“ sees the light of day.

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