Foscor - Instants (video)


Nová deska FOSCOR Les Irreals Visions vyjde 9. června u Season of Mist, z ní pochází nové video/skladba Instants. Režíroval Falke.

FOSCOR komentují: "One of the most immense and intense tracks on our album, 'Instants' revolves around the concept how humans must turn all their moments to eternal, achieving reconciliation between the far beyond and the here. The course of history is always explained through big events and how they change the turning of the world. But here we praise the value of everyday life, which is shaped by a huge amount of small ordinary moments, which are affecting our behaviour. If we don't value those moments, we value nothing. Its magic explains how we are, and there's no other intention behind this lyric video than to open the gates of your memories. Musically speaking, as the album's opening track, it's a declaration of intentions in itself. There are no boundaries in order to try to reach beauty in this dreamlike landscape."

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