Švédští Craft přináší singl


Craft - White Noise and Black MetalŠvédští blackers CRAFT pro vás mají první věc z alba White Noise and Black Metal (vyjde 22. června) pojmenovanou The Cosmic Sphere Falls. Rovněž obal od Zbigniewa M. Bielaka.

CRAFT desku komentují: "We have been waiting for the right time to record and release something new. In line with the CRAFT tradition, we needed everything to feel right and our tracks to fully express what we want to do at this stage. We always take our time, but our work is always in our minds; CRAFT are not, and have never been at rest, and we intend the band to last for a lifetime. At last, we are ready and proud to release the opening track, 'The Cosmic Sphere Falls' from our forthcoming album, 'White Noise and Black Metal'. It seems perfect to us that it is the first thing, which you will hear. Our intention, both with the track as well as the album, is to revisit the primitive energy of our older records, while letting the melodies move forward from 'Void'. In this track, traditional black metal melodies are disregarded and where you will recognize the old while experiencing the new. We think that no more words are needed, instead we will let the music speak for itself. Join us in the darkness of 'The Cosmic Sphere Falls'!"


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