Nové skladby Volbeat, Death Angel, Dunsmuir, Jim Root má instruktážní DVD

♫ Projekt DUNSMUIR jsou Neil Fallon (Clutch) - vocals, Dave Bone (The Company Band) - guitar, Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) - bass a Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell) - drums a právě zveřejnili dvě nové skladby Our Only Master a The Bats (Are Hungry Tonight). 

JIM ROOT dnes (08/04) vydal u Fret12 instruktážní DVD Jim Root: The Sound And The Story - .5: The Gray Chapter, kde dopodrobna rozebere poslední desku Slipknot.

VOLBEAT - The Devil's Bleeding Crown (Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie, 03/06, Republic Records)

DEATH ANGEL - Cause For Alarm (The Evil Divide, 27/05, Nuclear Blast)

01. The Moth
02. Cause For Alarm
03. Lost
04. Father Of Lies
05. Hell To Pay
06. It Can’t Be This
07. Hatred United, United Hate
08. Breakaway
09. The Electric Cell
10. Let The Pieces Fall


11. Wasteland

+ "Making Of" DVD

Rob Cavestany – lead guitar (1982–1991, 2001–present)
Mark Osegueda – vocals (1984–1991, 2001–present)
Ted Aguilar – guitars (2001–present)
Will Carroll – drums (2009–present)
Damien Sisson – bass guitar (2009–present)

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records