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Behind the Shadows Lie Madness

MITHRAS - Behind the Shadows Lie Madness

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Rayner Coss - Vocals, Bass
Leon Macey - Guitar, Drums

The Journey and the Forsaken (02:04)
To Fall From the Heavens (03:47)
Under the Three Spheres (03:23)
Into Black Holes of Oblivion (03:44)
When the Light Fades Away (02:18)
Behind the Shadows (06:60)
Awaken Man and Stone (04:36)
The Twisted Tower (04:38)
To Where the Sun Never Leaves (03:44)
The Beacon Beckons (02:24)
Thrown Upon the Waves (05:53)
Into the Unknown (01:04)

Datum vydání: 16.duben 2007

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Mithras, death metal, atmospheric