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I Let It in and It Took Everything

LOATHE - I Let It in and It Took Everything

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Kadeem France - vokály
Erik Bickerstaffe - kytara
Sean Radcliffe - basa
Connor Sweeney - kytara
Feisal El-Khazragi – bicí

1. Theme
2. Aggressive Evolution
3. Broken Vision Rhythm" (featuring Harry Rule from God Complex)
4. Two-Way Mirror
5. 451 Days
6. New Faces in the Dark
7. Red Room
8. Screaming
9. Is It Really You?
10. Gored
11. Heavy Is the Head That Falls with the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts
12. A Sad Cartoon
13. A Sad Cartoon (Reprise)
14. Let It in and It Took Everything... (Featuring Vincente Void of Darke Complex)
Délka: 49:00

Datum vydání: 07.únor 2020