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black metal, death metal, war metal

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B.S – Guitars
L.M – Guitars/Vocals
V.K – Bass/vocals
C.S – Drums


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Formed in 2004, New Zealand’s DIOCLETIAN have built a body of work that has become massively influential in the war metal scene. In some senses embodying the subgenre, in other senses defying it, there’s no denying the widespread effect DIOCLETIAN’s recordings have had on those seeking the ultimate in extreme expression. Massive, miasmic, just utterly CRUSHING in every respect: the DIOCLETIAN name alone inspires awe and fear in equal measure.
Darkness Swallows All is a special four-song EP of all previously unreleased material, recorded around the time of DIOCLETIAN’s massively influential Doom Cult debut full-length. The first two tracks, “Oath to Ruin” and “War Messiah,” feature alternate vocals by guitarist L.M. and are equally devastating as their original versions. Next follows a faithful cover of Bathory’s “Possessed,” with vocals by Black Witchery’s Impurath added in 2016 as a tribute to fallen brother / Black Witchery co-founder Tregenda. Concluding the EP is “Oath to Ruin,” an otherwise-unearthed treasure that is all instrumental but is also all devastating. Crucial era, and a crucial piece for DIOCLETIAN diehards!