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The Contagion in Nine Steps

LYCHGATE - The Contagion in Nine Steps

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J. C. Young “Vortigern” — Guitar
Greg Chandler — Vocals
T. J. F. Vallely — Drums
A. K. Webb — Bass
S. D. Lindsley — Guitar

1. Republic 06:09
2. Unity of Opposites 06:10
3. Atavistic Hypnosis 08:44
4. Hither Comes the Swarm 07:37
5. The Contagion 08:43
6. Remembrance 04:48

Datum vydání: 30.březen 2018

Lidi okolo
Alexandros Antoniou — Vocals
Chris Hawkins — Additional vocals
Vladimir Antonov-Charsky — Organ, piano and mellotron

All music and lyrics by J. C. Young “Vortigern”

Piano, organ and mellotron recorded at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, July 2017
Vocal sessions recorded at Priory Studios, Sutton Coldfield, UK, August 2017
Drums recorded at Orgone Studios, Woburn, UK, August 2017

Mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, September 2017

Artwork by Michel Guy / Artwork concept by Oksana Gulina and J. C. Young
Logo by Luis Miguel
Graphic design and layout by Petra Skubin

Photography by Damian Hovhannisyan
Individual portraits of Greg Chandler and T. J. F. Vallely by 17 Seconds Photography
Individual portrait of Alexandros Antoniou by Maggy van der Beek