Nové skladby a videa Serpentine Dominion, Dark Sarah a Monte Pittman

SERPENTINE DOMINION - On The Brink Of Devastation (playthrough video) (Serpentine Dominion, 28/10, Metal Blade)

DARK SARAH - Little Men (The Puzzle, 18/11, Inner Wound Recordings)

MONTE PITTMAN - Be Very Afraid (Inverted Grasp Of Balance, 23/09)

01. Panic Attack
02. Arisen in Broad Daylight
03. Guilty Pleasure
04. The Times Are Changing
05. Double Edged Sword
06. Cadabra
07. Pride Comes Before the Fall
08. California
09. Be Very Afraid
10. Obliterated
11. Skeleton Key
12. New Blood Keeps Us Alive

Monte Pittman - guitar, bass, vocals
Richard Christy - drums
Billy Sheehan - bass

Vydavatel: Metal Blade Records