Nové skladby Memoriam, Saint Vitus a New Years Day

NEW YEARS DAY - Shut Up (lyric video) (Unbreakable, 26/04/19, RED Music)

♫ SAINT VITUS - Useless (Saint Vitus. 17/05/19, Season Of Mist)

MEMORIAM - Shell Shock (lyric video) (Requiem For Mankind, 21/06/19, Nuclear Blast)

01. Shell Shock
02. Undefeated
03. Never The Victim
04. Austerity Kills
05. In The Midst Of Desolation
06. Refuse To Be Led
07. The Veteran
08. Requiem For Mankind
09. Fixed Bayonets
10. Interment

Frank Healy - Bass (2016-present) (Benediction, Sacrilege, ex-Cerebral Fix, ex-Napalm Death, ex-Anaal Nathrakh (live))
Andrew Whale - Drums (2016-present) (ex-Colostomy, ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Drop Dead, ex-Urban Chaos)
Scott Fairfax - Guitars (2016-present) (Benediction (live), ex-Cerebral Fix, ex-Exploder, ex-Anal Back Charge, ex-Life Denied)
Karl Willetts - Vocals (2016-present) (ex-Bolt Thrower)

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records