Nové skladby Killing Joke a The Moth Gatherer, David Bowie v podání Kittie, Abbath živě

KITTIE - Space Oddity (A Salute To The Thin White Duke - The Songs Of David Bowie, 02/10, Cleopatra Records)

ABBATH - Warriors (cover I z Between Two Worlds, 2006)

KILLING JOKE - Euphoria (Pylon, 23/10, Spinefarm Records)

THE MOTH GATHERER - Pale Explosions (feat. Thomas Jäger) (The Earth Is The Sky, 27/11, Agonia Records)

01. Pale Explosions
02. Attacus Atlas
03. Probing The Descent of Man
04. Dyatlov Pass
05. The Black Antlers
06. In Awe Before The Rapture

Alex - Bass and Vocals
Victor - Guitars, Electronics and Vocals
Svante - Drums

Thomas Jäger - vocals (Monolord)
David Johansson (Kongh)
Wacian (Code)
The Cuukoo (Terra Tenebrosa)

Vydavatel: Agonia Records