Slithering Evisceration

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Slithering Evisceration Sestava
Travis Werner – vocals (2007–present)
Bille Denne – drums (2007–2009, 2013–present)
Steve Miles – guitar (2013–present)
Eric Little - bass guitar (2015–present)
Charlie Marvel - guitar (2015–present)

01. Slithering Evisceration
02. Fucked into Oblivion
03. Architects of Warping Flesh
04. Saprogenic Deformation
05. Absorbed by the Swarm
06. Siphoning Cosmic Sentience
07. Necrotic Biogenesis
08. Spawn of Putridity
09. Transfixed in Torture

Datum vydání: 13.září 2019

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recorded, mixed and mastered by Drew Lamond at Wright Way Studios (Dying Fetus, Misery Index)
artwork by Stephen Somers