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black metal, doom metal, avantgarde metal


2011, London

Současný label:

Debemur Morti Productions


Vortigern - Guitars, Chants, Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Greg Chandler - Vocals, Guitars
S.D. Lindsley - Guitars


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Lychgate was formed in 2011 by Vortigern (guitars) with the collaboration of G. A. Chandler (vocals and guitars), Aran (Bass) and T. J. F. Vallely (drums). The debut album, self-titled, was recorded in 2012 and released in the first quarter of 2013. The debut album material was, however, old before it was recorded; based on pre-Lychgate material from between 2006 and 2010.

Between January 2012 and December 2013, Vortigern wrote material for the second album entitled 'An Antidote for the Glass Pill', which was almost entirely recorded at Priory Studios intermittently in the second half of 2014. After successful sessions it was then offered to the Finnish/USA label Blood Music (Emperor, Moonsorrow, Perturbator, Sigh, etc.) who released the work on 18th August 2015. The main focus on this album was with the utilisation of the pipe organ as the backbone to all pieces, where formerly this instrument had only occasional parts to play. To achieve its grandeur and authenticity on recording the band invited Kevin Bowyer to perform the organ parts. With the second album came a switch to a much more advanced approach to song-writing. The sound which was born represented the meeting of two worlds: the juxtaposition between “correct” harmony (traditional) and departures from it (current).

The band features members who have been part of other projects such as Esoteric, The One, Macabre Omen, Lunar Aurora and Omega Centauri.

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