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Iniquitous Deeds


technical brutal death metal


2011, Walnut Creek, California

Současný label:

New Standard Elite


Matt Kilner - Drums (2011-present)
Niko Kalajakis - Guitars (2011-present)
Chris Stratton - Bass (2012-present)
Obie Flett - Vocals (2016-present)


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Iniquitous Deeds



The root of Iniquitous Deeds first started with the guitarist and the drummer for the longest time. We have been jamming for about 6+ years now and originally had a band that had a different style than what we have now. It was always just The guitarist and the drummer because they never had any luck with the line-up. The drummer left to go be in a punk band for a year or so after this and the guitarist had no choice but to just write on his own. He wrote the tracks "Blackened Despair" "Disseverment" "Tomb of Divine Supremacy" on his own time and showed the drummer again when coincidentally he was done playing with the other band so he got stoked wanted to do death metal with him again. We decided to stay committed and really be serious to this band so we started what is now known as Iniquitous Deeds. After perfecting the structure and adding the additional song "Metamorphosis" while adding Matts drums , and a couple of his own guitar riffs, we made it into an EP. Our buddy Mike was willing to do vocals for us and our other Ex-bassist Wes stepped up to the plate so at that point we finally reached a full line up. We ended up Recording it for our first show with no intention of releasing it on a label and needed it quick (couple day process, not much know-how of audio) and after a week or so to our surprise it got us on a label. As far as the name goes we didn't want something to do with gore we were always sick of seeing it everywhere in death metal. To us it means the very thing we do our best. Writing brutal, iniquitous music. Keep your ears and eyes open for this new album we are working on, its going to be a big change from what we have out now. Both recording quality and material. Album art is already released and in our photos on facebook . Check it out !,,,

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