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technical death metal

Současný label:

Lacerated Enemy Records


Apollon Zygomalas – vocals
Jim Touras – guitar
Mike Papadopoulos – guitar, bass


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There have been at least three bands that have gone by the name Cerebrum.

1) A technical-death metal band from Athens/Greece.
short bio:
Recording-Mixing-Master Sessions completed: The band visited Bled/Slovenia this may and recorded 11 tracks in DB Recording studios. The recordings went really well and the band returned to Athens to mix and master the album, together with sound-engineer George Bokos. Drums were recorded by George Kollias at his own studios. Logo and artwork were made by Xaay (nile,behemoth,necrophagist) We’re soon to release our work

2) A hard rock band from Madrid, Spain who released a couple of singles in 1970 on the Dimensión label, re-released as 10" by the Wah Wah label in 2007.

From The Spanish progressive rock encyclopedia:
They recorded two singles by late 60s-early 70s and rapidly they splitted, giving birth to a new band named Delirium Tremens. Other members of the group kept on as Cerebrum without any new recordings. The journalist Jordi Serra i Fabra wrote: “Cerebrum are the summit of Spanish progressive music. Their music is revolutionary and experimental. They components are young and unquiet, hopeful and plenty of that force that pushes to succeess, to security… Cerebrum is with no doubt a musical experiment, a synthesis of strength in the grooves of a single.” It seems that the second version of Cerebrum hosted the first musical steps of the guitarrist Salvador DomÌnguez.

3) a Finnish (Raisio) Death Metal band, who released 2 demo tapes…demo 1 (93) & ‘Grief’ demo (94).

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