Videa Crucible, Escape The Fate, Bring Me The Horizon a skladba Product Of Hate

CrucibleCRUCIBLE - Death Rate (v sestavě jsou Dave Stephens (vocals, We Came As Romans), Andrew Glass (bass, We Came As Romans), Lou Cotton (guitars, We Came As Romans) Todd Jansen (guitars, Assassins) a Nick Freddell (drums, Taproot), ve skladbě hostuje ex-Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati).
ESCAPE THE FATE - Alive (video) (Hate Me, 30/10, Eleven Seven Music)

BRING ME THE HORIZON - Happy Song (live video) (That's The Spirit, 11/09, RCA)

PRODUCT OF HATE - ...As Your Kingdom Falls (Buried In Violence, 05/02/16, Napalm Records)

01. Kill. You. Now.
02. Annihilation
03. ...As Your Kingdom Falls
04. Blood Coated Concrete
05. Monster
06. Buried in Violence
07. Vindicare
08. Nemesis
09. Revolution of Destruction
10. Unholy Manipulator
11. Perry Mason

Adam Gilley - Vocals
Cody Rathbone - Guitar
Gene Rathbone - Lead Guitar
Mark Campbell - Bass
Mike McGuire - Drums

Vydavatel: Napalm Records