Trivium - Silence In The Snow (video)

režie: JonPaul Douglass

01. Snøfall
02. Silence In The Snow
03. Blind Leading The Blind
04. Dead And Gone
05. The Ghost That's Haunting You
06. Pull Me From The Void
07. Until The World Goes Cold
08. Rise Above The Tides
09. The Thing That's Killing Me
10. Beneath The Sun
11. Breathe In The Flames

Matt Heafy – lead vocals, guitars (2000–present)
Corey Beaulieu – guitars, unclean backing vocals (2003–present)
Paolo Gregoletto – bass, clean backing vocals (2004–present)
Mat Madiro – drums, percussion (2014–present)

Vydavatel: Roadrunner Records