Susperia - We Are The Ones

01. We Are The Ones (new song composed with Mustis, 2011)
02. Devil May Care (orchestral version, 2011) (originally from "Unlimited", 2004)
03. The Bitter Man (orchestral version, 2011) (originally from "Vindication", 2002)
04. Cut From Stone (orchestral version 2011) (originally from "Cut From Stone", 2007
05. Nothing Remains (Eurovision Song Contest contribution, 2011)

1999 "Illusions Of Evil" demo remastered:

06. The Hellchild (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on "Predominance", 2001)
07. Illusions Of Evil (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on "Predominance")
08. Of Hate We Breed (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on "Predominance")
09. The Coming Of A Darker Time (demo version 1999) (re-recorded on "Predominance")
10. Behind Consecrated Walls (demo version 1999) (previously only available as bonus track on South Korean version of "Predominance")

Athera (Pål Mathiesen) - vocals
Cyrus - guitar
Elvorn (Christian Hagen) - guitar
Memnock (Håkon Didriksen) - bass
Tjodalv (Ian Kenneth Åkesson) - drums
Mustis (Øyvind Mustaparta) - keyboards