Skladby Walls Of Blood (Glen Drover), Altitudes & Attitude a The Raven Age (mladý Harris)

ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE (David Ellefson a Frank Bello) - Part Of Me (Get It Out, 18/01/19, Megaforce)

THE RAVEN AGE - Fleur De Lis (lyric video) (Conspiracy, 08/03/19, Corvid Records)

WALLS OF BLOOD (Glen Drover) - Discordia (feat. Todd La Torre) (Imperium, 22/02/19, Metalville)

01. Leave This World Behind (feat. Nils K. Rue)
02. Discordia (feat. Todd La Torre)
03. Waiting To Die (feat. Chuck Billy)
04. Blood Sacrifice Ritual (feat. Henning Nasse)
05. Tarnished Dream (feat. Tim Owens)
06. Walls Of Blood (feat. Matt Cuthbertson)
07. The Fault Of Man (feat. Henning Basse)
08. Dark Lords Of Sleep (feat. Dan Cleary)
09. Junkhead (ALICE IN CHAINS cover) (feat. Lance Harvill)
10. Seven Spirits (feat. Henning Basse)

Glen Drover - all guitars and keyboards
Scott Barrymore - drums
Chris Myles - bass (except Discordia and Tarnished Dream)
Joe DiBiase - bass (Discordia and Tarnished Dream)

Tim Owens
Chuck Billy
Todd La Torre
Henning Basse
Nils K. Rue
Lance Harvill
Dan Cleary
Matt Cuthbertson

Vydavatel: Metalville Records