Rock na sobotu - video Uriah Heep, 2x Ronny Munroe (skladba a video) a Chastain v nezkrácené verzi

RONNY MUNROEGhosts (Electric Wake (24/06, Rat Pak Records)

RONNY MUNROE - The Others, hosté: Dave Rude (TESLA) a Pamela Moore (Queensrÿche Sister Mary) (Electric Wake (24/06, Rat Pak Records)

CHASTAIN - Surrender To No One v nezkrácené verzi (Surrender To No One, 19/11/13, Leviathan Records)

URIAH HEEP - One Minute (Outsider, 06/06, Frontiers Records)

01. Speed Of Sound
02. One Minute
03. The Law
04. The Outsider
05. Rock The Foundation
06. Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
07. Looking At You
08. Can't Take That Away
09. Jesse
10. Kiss The Rainbow
11. Say Goodbye

"Outsider" LP edition:

Side 1:

01. Speed Of Sound
02. One Minute
03. The Law
04. Can't Take That Away
05. Rock The Foundation

Side 2:

01. The Outsider
02. Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
03. Looking At You
04. Jessie
05. Kiss The Rainbow
06. Say Goodbye

Mick Box – lead guitars (1969–present)
Phil Lanzon – keyboards (1986–present)
Bernie Shaw – lead vocals (1986–present)
Russell Gilbrook – drums, percussion (2007–present)
Davey Rimmer – bass (2013–present)

Vydavatel: Frontiers Records