Nové skladby Within Temptation, Rifftera a Imperial Domain

RIFFTERA - Eye of the Storm (Across the Acheron, 18/01/19, Inverse Records)

IMPERIAL DOMAIN - In The Ashes Of The Fallen (In The Ashes Of The Fallen, 20/11/1998, Inverse Records)

WITHIN TEMPTATION - Raise Your Banner (feat. Anders Fridén (In Flames)) (Resist, 14/12/18, Spinefarm Records)

01. The Reckoning (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)
02. Endless War
03. Raise Your Banner (feat. Anders Fridén)
04. Supernova
05. Holy Ground
06. In Vain
07. Firelight (feat. Jasper Steverlinck)
08. Mad World
09. Mercy Mirror
10. Trophy Hunter

Sharon den Adel – lead vocals (1996–present)
Robert Westerholt – rhythm guitar, unclean vocals (1996–present, studio only since 2011)
Jeroen van Veen – bass (1996–present)
Ruud Jolie – lead guitar (2001–present)
Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards (2001–present)
Mike Coolen – drums (2011–present)
Stefan Helleblad – rhythm and lead guitars (2011–present)

Anders Fridén (IN FLAMES)
Jacoby Shaddix (PAPA ROACH)
Jasper Steverlinck (ARID)

Vydavatel: Universal Music, Spinefarm Records