Nové skladby Thy Art Is Murder, Sirenia a Rotting Christ

THY ART IS MURDER streamují novou skladbu Death Perception, kterou nahráli ještě v době přípravy Dear Desolation (2017).

SIRENIA - In Styx Embrace (lyric video) (Arcane Astral Aeons, 26/10/18, Napalm Records)

ROTTING CHRIST - Fire, God And Fear (lyric video) (The Heretics, 15/02/19, Season Of Mist)

01. In The Name of God (04:14)
02. Vetry Zlye (03:13)
03. Heaven And Hell And Fire (04:52)
04. Hallowed Be Thy Name (05:06)
05. Dies Irae (03:46)
06. I Believe (03:42)
07. Fire God And Fear (04:50)
08. The Voice of the Universe (05:23)
09. The New Messiah (03:07)
10. The Raven (05:23)

Sakis Tolis − lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards (1987–present)
Themis Tolis − drums (1987–present)
George Emmanuel − lead guitar, backing vocals (2012–present)
Van Ace − bass, backing vocals (2018–present)

Vydavatel: Season of Mist Records