Nové skladby The Order Of Apollyon, Terrorizer a Unearth

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON - Grey Father (Moriah, 26/10/18, Agonia Records)

TERRORIZER - Caustic Attack (Caustic Attack, 21/10/18/, The End Records)

UNEARTH - Survivalist (Extinction(s), 23/1/18, Century Media)

01. Incinerate
02. Dust
03. Survivalist
04. Cultivation Of Infection
05. The Hunt Begins
06. Hard Lines Downfall
07. King Of The Arctic
08. Sidewinder
09. No Reprisal
10. One With The Sun

Trevor Phipps – vocals (1998–present)
Buz McGrath – lead guitar (1998–present)
Ken Susi – rhythm guitar (1998–present)
Chris O'Toole – bass (2014–present)
Adam Dutkiewicz - drums (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE)

Vydavatel: Century Media Records