Nové skladby Sorcerer, Unleashed, Corrosion (Nick Augusto z Trivium) a ukázka od Act Of Defiance (Drover, Broderick)

♫ Bývalý bubeník Trivium Nick Augusto streamuje první skladbu svého projektu CORROSION.

ACT OF DEFIANCE je nová kapela, kde si dali dostaveníčko ex-Megadeth Shawn Drover (drums) a Chris Broderick (guitar), ex-Scar The Martyr Henry Derek Bonner (vocals) a MattBachand (bass, Shadows Fall). Smlouvu mají s Metal Blade Records a momentálně je ve studiu prohání Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

SORCERER - Sumerian Script (In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross, 20/03, Metal Blade Records)

UNLEASHED - Where Is Your God Now? (lyric video, Dawn Of The Nine, 24/04, Nuclear Blast)

01. A New Day Will Rise
02. They Came To Die
03. Defenders Of Midgard
04. Where Is Your God Now?
05. The Bolt Thrower
06. Let The Hammer Fly
07. Where Churches Once Burned
08. Land Of The Thousand Lakes
09. Dawn Of The Nine
10. Welcome The Son Of Thor!

Johnny Hedlund - Bass, Vocals
Tomas Olsson - Guitars
Fredrik Folkare - Guitars
Anders Schultz - Drums

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records