Nové skladby Rotting Christ, Monster Magnet a Ministry

ROTTING CHRIST - I Will Not Serve (Their Greatest Spells, 23/03/18, Season Of Mist)

MONSTER MAGNET - Mindfucker (Mindfucker, 23/03/18, Napalm)

MINISTRY - Wargasm (lyric video) (AmeriKKKant, 09/03/18, Nuclear Blast Records)

01. I Know Words
02. Twilight Zone
03. Victims Of A Clown
04. TV5/4Chan
05. We're Tired Of It
06. Wargasm
07. Antifa
08. Game Over
09. AmeriKKKa

Al Jourgensen – lead vocals, guitars, programming, production, miscellaneous instruments (1981–2008, 2011–present)
John Bechdel – keyboards (2006–2008, 2011–present)
Sin Quirin – guitars (2007–2008, 2012–present)
Cesar Soto – guitars, backing vocals (2015–present)
Tony Campos – bass, backing vocals (2007–2008, 2011–2015; 2017–present)
Derek Abrams – drums (2017–present)

DJ Swamp – turntables, electronics
Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY)
Arabian Prince (N.W.A.)
Lord Of The Cello

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records