Nové skladby Obscura, Prong, Voivod a Necronomicon

NECRONOMICON - Unification Of The Pillars (Advent Of The Human God, 18/03, Season Of Mist)

PRONG - Cut And Dry (X - No Absolutes, 05/02, SPV/Steamhammer)

VOIVOD - Post Society (Post Society (EP), 26/02, Century Media Records)

OBSCURA - Ode To The Sun (Akróasis, 02/05, Relapse Records)

01. Sermon Of The Seven Suns
02. The Monist
03. Akróasis
04. Ten Sepiroth
05. Ode To The Sun
06. Fractal Dimension
07. Perpetual Infinity
08. Weltseele
09. Melos (deluxe vinyl bonus track)
10. The Origin Of Primal Expression (CD bonus track)

Steffen Kummerer - Vocals, Guitar
Rafael Trujillo - Guitar
Linus Klausenitzer - Bass
Sebastian Lanser - Drums

Vydavatel: Relapse Records