Nové skladby Lacuna Coil, Devildriver a Motörhead živě

MOTÖRHEAD - When The Sky Comes Looking For You (live video) (Clean Your Clock (DVD), 06/2016, UDR)

LACUNA COIL - Ghost In The Mist (Delirium, 27/05, Century Media)

DEVILDRIVER - My Night Sky (Trust No One, 13/05, Napalm Records)

01. Testimony of Truth
02. Bad Deeds
03. My Night Sky
04. This Deception
05. Above It All
06. Daybreak
07. Trust No One
08. Feeling Ungodly
09. Retribution
10. For What It's Worth

Dez Fafara – lead vocals (2002–present)
Neal Tiemann - guitar (2016–present)
Austin D'Amond – drums (2002–present)
Mike Spreitzer – guitar (2004–present)
Chris Towning - bass (2013-present)

Diego Ibarra (a.k.a. Ashes) - bass (ex-WAYNE STATIC)

Vydavatel: Napalm Records