Nové skladby Killer Be Killed, Down a Sabaton

SABATON - Resist And Bite (lyric video) (Heroes, 16/05, Nuclear Blast Records)

KILLER BE KILLEDI.E.D. (Killer Be Killed, 12/05, Nuclear Blast Entertainment)

DOWN - We Knew Him Well (Down IV - Part Two, 13/05, Down Records/ADA Music)

01. Wings of Feather And Wax
02. Face Down
03. Melting Of My Marrow
04. Snakes of Jehova
05. Curb Crusher
06. Save The Robots
07. Fire To Your Flag
08. I.E.D.
09. Dust Into Darkness
10. Twelve Labors
11. Forbidden Fire
12. Ghosts Of Chernobyl (vinyl-only bonus track)

Greg Puciato - vocals, guitar (2011–present)
Max Cavalera - vocals, guitar (2011–present)
Troy Sanders - vocals, bass guitar (2012–present)
Dave Elitch - drums, percussion (2012–present)

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records