Nové skladby Jungle Rot, Impending Doom a Aversions Crown

AVERSIONS CROWN vypustili novou skladbu The Breeding Process, aktuálně se nacházejí na turné s The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel a Fleshgod Apocalypse.

IMPENDING DOOM - War Music (The Sin And Doom Vol. II, 22/06/18, Entertainment One)

JUNGLE ROT - Fearmonger (Jungle Rot, 20/07/18, Victory Records)

01. Send Forth Oblivion
02. Delusional Denial
03. A Burning Cinder
04. Triggered
05. Fearmonger (feat. Schmier)
06. Stay Dead
07. Glory For The Fallen
08. Pumped Full Of Lead
09. Twisted Mind
10. Terrible Certainty (KREATOR cover)

Dave Matrise - vocals, guitars (1994–present)
James Genenz - bass (2005-present), guitars (2004-2005)
Geoff Bub - guitars (2005–present)


Vydavatel: Victory Records