Nové skladby Decline Of The I a Apocalyptica, termíny pro desky Therapy? a Coal Chamber

Therapy? - DisquietCoal Chamber - Rivals♫ 23/03 vyjde nová deska irských THERAPY? Disquiet (Amazing Record Co).
COAL CHAMBER se s comebackovkou Rivals přihlásí 19/05 přes Napalm Records.
APOCALYPTICA - Cold Blood (Shadowmaker, duben, Eleven Seven Music)

DECLINE OF THE I - Le rouge, le vide et le tordu (Rebellion, 27/02, Agonia Records)

01. Lower degree of God's might
02. Hexenface
03. Le rouge, le vide et le tordu
04. The end of prostration
05. Pieces of a drowned motion
06. Deus Sive Musica
07. On est bien peu de chose

A.K. - guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, bass, vocals, drums (Vorkreist, Malhkebre, Eros Necropsique, Neo Inferno 262, Diapsiquir, ex-Love Lies Bleeding, ex-Corpus Christii)
S. - drums
V. - vocals
G. - vocals

Olivier (Eros Necrospique)

Vydavatel: Agonia Records