Nové skladby Avatarium, Bring Me The Horizon a Skindred

AVATARIUM - Girl With The Raven Mask (lyric video) (The Girl With The Raven Mask, 23/10, Nuclear Blast)

BRING ME THE HORIZON - True Friends (lyric video (That's The Spirit, 11/09, Columbia Records)

SKINDRED - Under Attack (Volume, 30/10, Napalm Records)

01. Under Attack
02. Volume
03. Hit The Ground
04. Shut Ya Mouth
05. I
06. The Healing
07. Sound The Siren
08. Saying It Now
09. II
10. Straight Jacket
11. III
12. No Justice
13. Stand Up
14. Three Words

Benji Webbe – lead vocals (1998–present)
Dan Pugsley – bass, programming, backing vocals (1998–present)
Michael Fry (a.k.a. Mikey Demus) – guitar, backing vocals (2002–present)
Arya Goggin – drums (2002–present)
Dan Sturgess (a.k.a. Brixton / Sanchez) – DJ, programming, backing vocals (2011–present)

Vydavatel: Napalm Records