Coververze od Butcher Babies a 2Cellos, dvě videa Arkadia a nová skladba Decline Of The I

♫ Klasika Iron Maiden The Trooper v podání chorvatských 2CELLOS

BUTCHER BABIES - They're Coming To Take Me Away (Napoleon XIV cover) (Uncovered (EP), 06/10)

DECLINE OF THE I - Hexenface (Rebellion, 2015, Agonia Records)

ARKADIA - Unrelenting a Frozen Globe (Unrelenting, 07/11, Inverse Records)

01. Before The Dawn
02. Final Disposal
03. Frozen Globe
04. May
05. The Decisions Of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)
06. Everything Said And Done
07. Nothing Lasts Forever
08. A Drop For The Past
09. Unrelenting

Antti-Jussi Valkama - vocals
Mikko Järvenpää - guitars
Vesa Ala-Louvesniemi - bass
Mikael Leinonen - drums

Vydavatel: Inverse Records