Carach Angren streamují celé album Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten

Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten u Season of Mist vychází zítra 16.6.2017

Kapela desku komentuje: "You will now be able to listen to our fifth horror concept album "Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten" in its entirety for the first time. We are incredibly proud of the result and promise that this musical horror story will unfold like a ghoulish rollercoaster ride, making every nightmare that you have had so far feel like a walk in the park.

The overall story will introduce you to different otherworldly guests and it is only until the end (spoiler alert!) that you will find out a very special clue pointing towards you, the esteemed listener of this album. Make sure to get a hold of your own personal copy in the form of a Pitch Black Box or one of the other various formats.
P.S.: Just as a hint, if you check back tomorrow, there will be a visual feast of total madness waiting for you all... "

01. Opening (2:17)
02. Charlie (4:10)
03. Bloodqueen (4:55)
04. Charles Francis Coghlan (6:07)
05. Song for the Dead (4:16)
06. In De Naam Van De Duivel (6:29)
07. Pitch Black Box (3:17)
08. The Possession Process (4:27)
09. Three Times Thunder Strikes (5:19)

Total playing time: 41:16

Seregor: vocals, guitars
Ardek: keyboards, orchestra
Namtar: drums

Nikos Mavridis: solo violin on tracks 3, 4, 9
Patrick Damiani: all guitars and bass guitar

Vydavatel: Season of Mist Records