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Death, Progressive Metal


2003, Prerov

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Fred (Luboš Kristek) - Vocals (Smashed Face, Dead Insect Collection, Re-Intoxication, Despise (Cze))
Peca - Guitar (Romantic Love)
Lada - Bass
Lukᚠ- Drums, backing vocals (Spasm (Cze), Romantic Love)
Sam - Guitar (Smashed Face, Tosa Inu)


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Translunaria began its short pilgrimage across this misanthropic world in adust days of summer 2003. Torsos of unknown bands Romantic Love and Autophobic sealed their fates in the most suitable ways – they gave a birth to a phenomenon that expressed musicians‘ ideas and visions grasped in the only concept in the only place – the Přerov city. The prophecy of common realization of music hallucinations arose in musicians´ heads and continued in writing, composing and rehearsing the songs during 3 years. This epoch for this nameless band ended up when Translunaria was invented for an oficial name of this horde at the end of summer 2005. Later on, Translunaria started infiltrating into Czech metal undeground by playing some ocassional gigs that were mostly successful, but at the beginning of 2006 they faded away. Translunaria decided to immortalize its music products by entering famous studio Šopa and recording the debut album in August 2006. One saying says: “There is a right time for everything in life“ and regarding this fact, musicians recorded their first long-playing CD for more than 4 months because of recording at weekends. In that days Translunaria offered the post behind the mic for another member to achieve the better final result of this recording. All was said and done in not-so-cold December 2006. Nowadays Translunaria is prepared for promoting their debut CD “Beyond The Astral Misanthropy“, the lunar mission started at the beginning of 2007. This society is empowered to exist in a quintet form:Lukáš – drums,growling and clean vocals, Petr – guitars, Kilian – guitars, Laďa – bass guitar, Fred – vocals and murmurs. Don´t forget that our future dwells in minds of the beings from the other spheres!!!

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