Strength In Numbers

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Strength In Numbers Sestava
Patrik Jensen – rhythm guitar (1996–present)
Jonas Björler – bass guitar (1996–present)
Adrian Erlandsson – drums (1996–1999, 2013–present)
Marco Aro – vocals (1999–2003, 2013–present)
Ola Englund – lead guitar (2013–present)

01. Fill The Darkness With Black
02. Brute Force
03. Spark
04. Preachers Of Death
05. Strength In Numbers
06. Tighten The Noose
07. This Is The End
08. The Fall
09. Means To An End
10. Monuments

Datum vydání: 25.srpen 2017

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produkce: Russ Russell v Parlour Studios
obal: Andreas Pettersson

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Strength In Numbers, The Haunted, thrash metal, melodic death metal, groove metal