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Tad Morose


power metal; progressive metal



Současný label:

Century Media Records


Christer Andersson - Guitar, keyboard, arrangement (1991–present)
Ronny Hemlin - vocals, vocoder (2008–present)
Kenneth Jonsson - Electric guitar|guitar (2012–present)
Peter Morén - drums (1994–present)


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Tad Morose



Their full-length debut was Leaving the Past Behind, a minor hit that established the band within the continental European heavy metal community. Sender of Thoughts (1994) was even more popular within the metal community. Their latest and most successful album to date is 2003's Modus Vivendi. Though the group has never caught on in the U.S., they have a larger and growing European base.[citation needed]

In late 2005, Tad Morose parted ways with singer Urban breed (who joined Bloodbound). This delayed recording for the next album, which was set to begin in early 2006, because first a new singer had to be found. On March 9, 2006, Tad Morose announced their new frontman – American metal legionnaire Joe Comeau, formerly of Liege Lord, Overkill and Annihilator. In early October 2007 Daniel Olsson, now in Trail of Murder with ex-vocalist breed, decided to leave the band.

In late 2007, Christer Andersson announced a 'reuniting' of his old pre-Tad Morose project, Sefer Jezirah, with members of Morgana Lefay. As of December 2007, Peter Morén had joined Steel Attack, and Anders Modd was working with Wolf.

In late May, 2008, a replacement for Daniel Olsson was announced. Markus Albertson, former in Bloodbound got in on guitar. In June 2008, an update appeared on the band's official site that a new band logo had been done and that the band was continuing work on their forthcoming album. Bassist Anders Modd's departure to work full-time with Wolf was announced in July 2008.[2]

On August 16, 2008, guitarist Krunt posted news on the band's official forum [3] that they had found a new singer and bassplayer. Ronny Hemlin of Steel Attack on vocals and former Morgana Lefay-guitarist Tommi Karppanen, now playing bass. Thus, Joe Comeau is no longer in the band. The day after, August 17, the news was up on TM's official homepage. "It just didn't work out for us in the long run", was the reason for the loss of Comeau.

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