Feel Good Now

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Feel Good Now Sestava kapely
Michael Gira – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Christoph Hahn – lap steel guitar
Thor Harris – percussion, drums, vibes, dulcimer, keyboards, piano, chimes, vibraphone, clarinet
Bill Rieflin – piano, organ, synthesizer
Christopher Pravdica – bass guitar
Phil Puleo – drums, percussion, hammered dulcimer
Norman Westberg – guitar

Intro (00:38)
New Mind (05:28)
Blood and Honey (07:11)
Trust Me (04:55)
Willy in Ravensburg (01:00)
Sex God Sex (09:47)
Various Audience Tricks (00:55)
Like a Drug (08:32)
Beautiful Child (05:43)
Blackmail (04:23)
Children of God (06:38)
Beautiful Reprise - The Town and Country Backstab Cowardice (02:32)
Thank You (00:54)
Various Audience Members (01:29)
Blind Love (18:36)
Hello to Our Friends (00:22)
Thank You, Goodbye. Good Luck. (00:11)

Datum vydání: 01.leden 1987

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