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post-punk, indie rock, rock



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Karel 'Kay' Buriánek — guitar, vocals (murmur and fistula)
Dan 'Daniel' Bláha — drums, tree stump, driver
Jiří Kouba — guitar, assistant vocals
Pavel 'robert.orG/TUZEX' Litvaj — bass, assistant vocals, accordion, mouthorgan, French horn


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There is more than one band/group/project named Sunshine, two most notable are Czech electro-punk and Serbian HC/hip-hop bands.

1) A band formed in 1994 in Tábor, Czech Republic, sounding "not very 'wave', but not too 'punk' either". They released several LPs and EPs, most notable a split EP with 90s post-hardcore legends At the Drive-In and a split with the american emo band Julia. Although hardly anyone knows Sushine in the Czech Republic they are considered to be the most succesful Czech band abroad. They went on several tours and are well known in the UK, USA, and Japan.

Group members:
Karel 'Kay' Buriánek — guitar, vocals (murmur and fistula)
Dan 'Daniel' Bláha — drums, tree stump, driver
Jiří Kouba — guitar, assistant vocals
Pavel 'robert.orG/TUZEX' Litvaj — bass, assistant vocals, accordion, mouthorgan, French horn

Honorary members:
Michal 'Amák/A4' Šťastný — bass, keys
'Márty' — bass


• 1994 Formed in Tábor, Czech Republic
• 1998 first US Tour/sponsored by GSL Records
• 2000 toured Europe and US with At The Drive In, Murder City Devils and International (Noise) Conspiracy
• 2000 played CMJ with At The Drive In and Tenacious D
• 2000 their song “Streamlined” was used in the movie Blair Witch 2 thanks to a fan, producer Ross Robinson
• 2001 received 4 out of 5 K’s in a Kerrang review of their Czech released album “Necromance”…”Embracing PIL-style retro electronica, garage rock energy and post-punk cool, they make a refreshing change from those bands who slavishly play by the rules.”
• 2001 received 4 ½ out of 5 stars on the All Music Guide for their Czech released album “Necromance”….”Sunshine is a band who melds the stylings of new wave, punk, and shoegaze into some strange hybrid of textures, loops, synth, and waves of sounds that fit together in a semblance of perfection.”
• 2002 toured the UK with …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Vue
• 2002 played some summer festivals with Dead Kennedys, Biohazard, Agnostic Front
• 2002 played CMJ with International (Noise) Conspiracy, Division of Laura Lee, Ikara Colt, and Dillinger Escape Plan
• 2003 “Necromance” Japan release on Dotlinecircle and first tour in Japan
• 2003 founding member Matry left the band, his post was substituted by Amak. Trio Kay, Dan, Amak consequently joined ex Landmine Spring guitar player Jiri
• 2003 played some summer festivals with Marilyn Manson, Morcheeba, Chumbawamba
• 2003 signed deal with Custard the work on “Moonshower and Razorblades” has started produced by Bernd Burgdorf (Pink, Green Day, Tom Waits etc.)
• 2004 “Moonshower and Razorblades” is finished with guest appearance of Tricky on “Neon Religion”
• 2004 Fisherspooner, I am X and Amen did some remixes of some traks from “M & R”
• 2004 March touring Germany for two weeks
• 2004 Festival appearance with acts like Motorhead, Moloko
• 2004 Electric! Kill! Kill! (EP Limited Edition) is released in USA and UK
• 2004 September touring Europe with Faint (UK, F, NL, GER, SWE) topped with Islington Academy in London on the end of the tour
• 2004 over 20 shows with Sparta around USA and Canada in venues around 1000 people capacity including such a places like 9:30 in DC, Irving Plaza in NY or Henry Fonda Theater in LA.
• 2005 “Moonshower and Razorblades” is released under Universal in Czech Rep. and under Fabtone in Japan
• 2005 “Victims Is Another Name For Lover” video is done
• 2005 “Victims Is Another Name For Lover” reach nr 5 in European MTV chart
• 2005 April UK Tour with Bellrays
• 2005 Summer festival appearance with acts like Prodigy, The Garbage, toped playing in front of 20 000 people on Love Planet fest. Before ultimate. headliner Nick Cave.
• 2005 European tour with Alkaline Trio. In UK only there was 20 000 people on 10 shows including London Brixton Academy performance
• 2006 start to work on new album due to released on Universal in March 07
• 2005 opening for Depeche Mode in Bratislava (SLK) on Inter Stadium (30 000 people)
• 2006 Summer festival appearance with acts like Iggy Pop, Sepultura,
• 2006 one of the main act at Clermond Ferrand – Europavox (F) Barcelona - Saint Feliu (S) festival
• 2007 Band of the Year, Filter
• 2008 “MGKK Telepathy”
• 2007-2009 Many concerts, mainly in Czech republic

2) Sunshine was formed in Serbia, Belgrade in 1994 from the ashes of Green Kool Posse'.
The core of Sunshine are/were the lead singer Bane Bojović aka Gymbrowsky, and Đorđe Radivojević aka Ramirez was the main singer-lyricist in the band, and as back vocals Nenad Bogojević aka Bogy (on the first album he only did the back vocals, on the second one he became the third singer), Andrej Srećković the DJ, Nemanja Kojić Kojot the frontman and guitarist of Eyesburn, Dead Ideas and trombone in Del Arno Band fame, had duties on bass guitar, and finally on guitar Stanimir Lukić Staća from the famous serbian death/thrash band Bloodbath.

In 1995, their first album Ljubavna Likvefakcija (Love liquefaction, name of the album was concieved by Bane, as he was at that time working as a lab assistant, as sperm liquefaction process and love inspired him to name the album that way) was released on Jugodisk. (which was strange because all of Jugoton's artists were consisted of turbo-folk, a genre which blossomed in the early 90's in Serbia)

Band gained the attention of the general public, with their slang, anti-violence and anti-war (albeit harsh and crude lyrics, they were created as a positive message in the times of war, but media warped their meaning, gaining the band some notoriety at that time), sex (their main inspiration) and drug abuse lyrics, were just some themes that have been prolonged on all of their releases.
At that time they played sold out gigs at KST, and Studentski Kulturni Centar, public greeted them with cheering and euforic jumping around the halls.
They've toured with Gru and Robin Hood as guests.

Kojot and Staća join the band in 1996, influence of their previous bands, bring a hardcore guitar sound on the bands, second sophomore album Sh.G.T.M. (Shipu ga ti meni ili Šta god ti mislio (e.g. translation: Suck my dick, or what ever you think)) released in 1997 on Metropolis records label. (some of the artist from the same label Block Out, Bjesovi, Veliki Prezir)

SH.G.T.M. was a breakthrough, with extensive tours around the whole Serbia, band gained interest not only from the domestic hip-hop community, but of hardcore, punk and metal and rock audience as well.
On the same album they've collaborated with Margita "Magi" Stefanović of EKV fame on Misli mene gone song and Đule on guitars. (Van Gogh)

On February 14th 1997 band started it's tradition of having big concerts at SKC on every Valentine's day.
Sunshine's first single Kokane was a collaboration with alternative rock band Plejboj for the domestic movie thriller Do Koske.
Two new songs were also featured, Mental Kokane and (Atmo-cappella) '91 preview a second part of Amerika Preview from Ljubavna Likvefakcija album.
Two videos were made for (Atmo-cappella) '91, an uncut and cut version because the thematic of the song and it's videos were considered highly political.

One of their more notable concerts was when they were an opening act for Biohazard at SKC.

Neću da se predam, also released on Metropolis records in 1998, had the best production by far. This time the lyrics were political and social themes opposed to the first two albums which dealt with sex and drugs.

This year's Valentine's day concert was held at Hala Sportova, national tv station RTS filmed the whole concert but some technical difficulties happened, and Dj Andrej had a fight with a television cameraman, blaming him for tipping off the cables.
They've also played at Republika Srpska summer festival in Brčko at fortress Kastel.

In 2001 Sunshine released their first live album simply entitled Live! which featured one new song.
Four of the band members made their acting debut and composed a song for a drama movie Jedan na jedan.

2002 band called it quits leaving only Bane as it's original member, releasing Sha bilo, an album that was produced by young and gifted Đorđe Miljenović better known by his hip-hop name Wikluh Sky.
Even if the album introduced mixed musical styles of breakbeat, industrial and dub, it failed to gain attention of the public.

In 2005 Bane released a single Again gettin' wicked with three new songs, again Đorđe Miljenović was the producer.
Sunshine started having live performance's again in 2006, and even anounced a new album for 2007. Instead of the album they released a compilation record with five new songs. (three of these songs were from the 2005 single, with better production)

Sunshine's most noticeable concert was at Belgrade's Beer Fest 2008, in front of 600.000 viewers.

Current band members:
Bane Bojović aka Gymbrowsky - vocals
Vojin - keyboards
Miladin Radivojević Miško - drums (ex-Klajberi, ex-Presing, ex-Plejboj, ex-Darkwood Dub)
Vuk Mijanović - bass
Ninoslav Filipović Nino - guitar (ex-Dead Ideas, OSMI PUTNIK DVA, ex-Eyesburn)
Mičkiš - guitar, vocals
Cvika - vocals

3) Sunshine is a disco act whose members include the real-life sisters of singer Donna Summer (her sister Mary Ellen was the lead singer). Their 1978 number one Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play hit "Take It the Zoo," which was featured on the "Thank God It's Friday" film and soundtrack, was co-written by Summer (with Bruce Sudano and Joe Esposito), who also sings background on the track. Unfortunately, the album that was planned (Sunshine Watching Daddy Dance) was pulled at the last minute therefore. Today Mary Ellen still sings today with her sister Donna when she is on tour. Her sister, Dara who also toured with Donna, is now living in Atlanta, Georgia.

4) Russian Psychedelic/Trance/Tango project:

5) Swedish Trance project:

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