Book of Horizons

editovat album
Book of Horizons Sestava
Trey Spruance - Electric Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Santoor [Santur], Synthesizer [Synth], Rabab, Baglama [Saz], Bass, Guitar [Microtone Guitar], Noises [Soundscapes], Clavinet, Banjo, Keyboards, Goblet Drum [Dumbeks], Tambourine [Tambourines], Effects [Foley Sounds, Electroacoustic Treatments], Sheng [Cheng], Sympitar [Sitar Guitar], Percussion [Add'l Daf], Effects [Foley Sounds, Electroacoustic Treatments]
Danny Heifetz - Drums
Ches Smith - Drums
John Merryman - Drums
Tim Smolens - Bass
Timb Harris - Violin, Viola
William Winant - Tabla [Tablas], Shaker [Shakers], Glockenspiel, Percussion [Etc], Gong [Chinese And Tibetan Gongs], Timpani, Bells [Tube Bells], Bass Drum, Cymbal [Cymbals], Marimba
Shahzad Ismaily - Dhol, Mridangam, Ghatam, Finger Cymbals [Zil], Percussion [Etc], Ghatam
Rich Doucette - Esraj, Sarangi
Ursula Knudson - Saw [Bowed Saw]
Jennifer Cass - Harp
Jesse Greere - Vocals
Kevin Kmetz - Shamisen
Jesse Quattro - Vocals
Jessica Kinney - Vocals
Unhuman - Vocals
Eyvind Kang - Viola

The End Times (04:58)
The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun) (03:37)
The Indestructible Drop (01:09)
Exterminating Angel (03:14)
The Owl in Daylight (03:58)
The Exile (03:08)
On the Wings of the Haoma (05:08)
Book T: Exodus (03:56)
Hypostasis of the Archons (04:21)
The Electrotheonic Grail Dove (00:44)
The 3 (04:01)
DJ Revisionist (The Spin Masta, Kultur Killa, With da Mad Crypto-Colonial Skillz) (04:06)
Anthropomorphosis: Boxleitner (05:24)
Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique (05:11)

Datum vydání: 25.květen 2004

Lidi okolo
Producer: Trey Spruance
Instrument: Jason Schimmel, Tim Smolens
Artwork [The Holy Vehm Logo] – Patrick Tremblay
Illustration [Illustrations], Layout [Graphic Layout] – Mike Bennewitz
Producer – Trey Spruance
Producer [Post Production Nightmares Were Shared With] – Jai Young Kim
Recorded By [Ches Smith's Drums And Jennifer Cass's Harp] – Chris Parsons, Trey Spruance
Recorded By [Danny Heifetz's Drums] – Thom Canova
Recorded By [John Merriman's Drums] – Tim Smolens, Trey Spruance
Written-By – Enemy, The (9) (tracks: 4, 9), Ernest Gold (tracks: 8), Trey Spruance (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 7, 10, 12 to 14)
Mixed at Forking Paths studio. 'Which is still just the same three microphones and mic pres as the last two records. The laptop is used for remote recording, and we added a more stationary one for mixing/assembling.'


Danny Heifetz's drums recorded at Toast (RIP) in San Francisco.
Ches Smith's drums and Jennifer Cass's harp recorded at Pine Creek Studios in Aptos, Ca.
John Merriman's drums recorded at Bear Creek studios in Felton, Ca.

'Everything else was recorded on location in a hundred different places, and then brought under the microscope at Forking Paths.'

'Exterminationg Angel has a couple Penderecki samples and an Arvo Part sample.'

'Thanks are in order (yet in no particular order), to Pete and Nancy Spruance, Richard Levy for the microtone guitar, Revolver USA for putting up with our shit, Tim Smolens for computer geek advice, Fatima and her whole family for existing, and all the musicians who commit themselves so thoroughly to our project.'

The writing credit for The Indestructible Drop is in scare quotes: "written" by.