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Symphonic Black Metal


Unknown, Milan, Lombardy

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Devian/Ghosta - Vocals (Orcrist)
Enrico - Guitar
Lunedei/Mattia Zero To Infinity - Guitar (Orcrist, Morgen)
Mauro - Bass & Drums
Carlo - Keyboards
Roberto Crippa - Drums on "Darkpoem of Vampire King" (Vladimir)


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There is more than one artist with this name...

1) A Canadian based band formed in 1978. The groups' self titled album 'Promises' was a flop except for it's single 'Baby It's You'. In Europe the single was a smash hit, especially Germany where it reached no.4. In Australia the song was hugely sucessful. But after the release of the second single, the group split.

2) One of the most famous groups in Klatovy (Czech Republic). Their career developed after the band participation on the metal compilation Breath Of Doom and since that time they played in dozens of concerts and several festivals. The band Promises had been formed in 1994 under the name Gothic Darkness. Under this name they played just one gig. In the beginning of 1996, they have changed their name to Promises. In January 1997 the band recorded the first demo “Promises 96” - five tracks and a spine of their concert set. One of the song also appeared on the CD compilation Breath Of Doom. The last personal change was in 1997 when the new singer Viktor Svoboda came with an idea to sing in English. The same year they made their new demo “Understanding” that was released in June 1998 by Metal Breath Production. In this period the band had concerts, participated on another two compilations and prepared new material for their first CD (October 2000, release by Metal Breath Production). In the beginning 1999 Promises recorded one cover version of song “Věčný návrat” from the Czech cult band Master’s Hammer (released by Redblack Productions / M.A.B. Records). In November 1999 the drummer Pavel Kotěšovec left the band. His post is free, but he worked with the band like a guest up to the finish of the debut album. Recording of a new material for CD started on 5th August 2000 in Hacienda Studio, Žirovnice.
Debut album Flight To Fall released by Metal Breath Production in 29th November 2000. Promises have a new drummer. His name is Richard Goldschmid. On the beginning November Promises recorded first video “Shadow Town”, which included on CD-ROM on debut CD “Flight To Fall” (formats: AVI and MPG). 2001 - a lots of concerts during the year in Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In June 2001 left band two members - Petr Klička and Radek Červený (they comes to U.S.) and new members is Karel Halada - bass. In the November 2001 singer Viktor Svoboda left the band and then in December left the band Karel too. Bassguitarist Petr coming back from the US and he’s going to the empty post after Karel and in same time comes to band a new guitarist - Michal Lidinský. From January 2002 to the end of April Promises finding a new singer. Founded it! New singer is Luboš Valeček from same city - from Klatovy. Now Promises prepare a new - second album and planning some gigs to the summer and autumn this year. In November 2002 the drumer Richard Goldschmid leaves the band. In December 2002 comes to band a new drumer Vladislav Čejka. In January 2003 comes to band a singer Naďa and band has 6 members. In May young singer leaves Promises. In October 2003 singer Luboš Valeček retires too and the band now searches a new singer. In April 2004 comes to band a nineteenth singer Michaela Konvičková. In November 2004 singer Michaela and drumer Vladislav Čejka left the band. In January 2005 bassguitarist Petr Klička retires too. Viktor Svoboda, ex-singer of Promises comes again to band in March 2005!

3) Promises é a palavra inglesa para "promessas". Jill, Klev e Bruno. Três nomes, uma promessa. Um grupo com mensagens de conteúdo evangelístico, o grupo vem fazendo um belo trabalho há 5 anos. A Chance é o título do primeiro album, com um repertório de músicas próprias, num estilo mais black music, o grupo traz composições com arranjos que agradarão a todos os gostos e idades.

Já o novo disco tem uma proposta diferenciada através de um trabalho mais maduro, menos black music e mais pop rock e mais acústico. Igualmente ao album anterior, com um conteúdo evangelistico impactante e letras fortes.

Uma Nova Direção, título do segundo album dos rapaz, traz um novo estilo, um único propósito, uma nova direção!

4) A west-coast Canadian hardcore band featuring ex members of Tough As Nails, Hollow Ground, Far From Ruin, Final Verdict.

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