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Truth or Dare

OOMPH! - Truth or Dare

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Crap (1989-)
Flux (1989-)
Dero (1989-)

Ready or Not (I'm Coming) (03:23)
Burning Desire (03:48)
Song of Death (03:54)
God Is a Popstar (03:55)
Labyrinth (04:13)
The Final Match (03:33)
Crucified (03:34)
Sandman (03:49)
Sex Is Not Enough (03:41)
Land Ahead (04:08)
Wake Up! (03:32)
The Power of Love (04:04)
True Beauty Is So Painful (03:03)
The First Time Always Hurts (04:00)
Dream Here (With Me) (03:55)
On Course (03:36)

Datum vydání: 26.únor 2010

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Oomph!, german, metal, industrial metal, industrial, rock, electro rock