Words From the Exit Wound

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Words From the Exit Wound Sestava
Mark "Barney" Greenway – vocals
Shane Embury – bass
Mitch Harris – guitar
Jesse Pintado – guitar
Danny Herrera – drums

The Infiltraitor (04:30)
Repression Out of Uniform (02:53)
Next of Kin to Chaos (04:08)
Trio-Degradable / Affixed by Disconcern (04:34)
Cleanse Impure (03:14)
Devouring Depraved (03:21)
Ulterior Exterior (01:50)
None the Wiser? (04:16)
Clutching at Barbs (02:26)
Incendiary Incoming (03:07)
Thrown Down a Rope (03:24)
Sceptic in Perspective (03:24)

Datum vydání: 26.říjen 1998

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produkce: Colin Richardson
mastering: Guy Davie

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Words From the Exit Wound, grindcore, Napalm Death