To Kill To Live To Kill

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To Kill To Live To Kill Sestava
Lars F. Larsen - Vocals (Fear Itself, Fool's Game)
Kristian Larsen - Guitar (Fear Itself)
Cbastian Andersen - Bass guitar (Chaos Supremacy)
Mads Volf - Drums (Human Factor, Rip and Tear)
Stefan Johansson - Guitar

01. Piano Concerto 1 - B Flat Minor...
02. Echoes Of A Silent Scream
03. Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Towering Over You
04. Katana - Awakening The Lunacy
05. The Farmer's Tale Pt. 1 - The Aftermath Of Indifference
06. The Devil In Lisbon (instrumental)
07. Growth
08. Humiliation Supreme (instrumental)
09. Nothing Lasts Forever
10. Katana - Opium
11. Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Revival Of The Muse That Is Violence
12. The Farmer's Tale Pt. 2 - Annihilation At The Graves

Datum vydání: 03.srpen 2018

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recorded and mixed at Hansen Studios with Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION), and vocals were recorded with Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse studios
cover: David Troest