Slaves Of The Shadow Realm

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Slaves Of The Shadow Realm Sestava
Maurice Swinkels: Vocals
Twan van Geel: Guitar
Harold Gielen: Bass
Erik Fleuren: Drums

01. The Widow's Breed
02. Nocturnal Commando
03. Charnel Confession
04. Slaves of The Southern Cross
05. Warhounds Of Hades
06. Black Banners In Flames
07. Shadow Realm Of The Demonic Mind
08. Palace Of Sin
09. Priest Hunt
10. Azazels Crown
11. Dark Coronation

Datum vydání: 04.leden 2019

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Produkoval: Andy Classen ve Stage One Studio

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death metal, thrash metal, Legion Of The Damned, Slaves Of The Shadow Realm